Latest Trends in Women’s Clothing

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It’s finally fall and almost winter, which means that your closet is about to go through a major transformation. Out will go the summer clothes, replaced by the latest trends in women’s winter fashion. It takes a lot of time to do research regarding what the latest fashions are. Rather than spend hours going through images of runway shows and browsing online websites, you can just continue reading below and get a notion of what you’ll see everyone wearing this season. These trends are for winter 2014-2015 and are currently termed, “power dressing” by fashion experts.

Power Dressing


The first major trend for this winter is “power dressing.” Don’t worry, you won’t see the ridiculed shoulder pads of the 80s, but what you will see will be feminized form of power clothes. Power dressing includes pieces such as suits, dresses, crisp and clean dress shirts, and maxi skirts. The difference this season compared to other seasons is that each of these items are styled in a way that poses sharp lines and a slightly more aggressive form of the traditional clothing item. To compliment these types of work attire items, you’ll also notice accessories being used. The types of accessories for this season are loud and meant to be seen.

Winter Coat – The Cape

The second major fashion trend this winter is the “winter cape.” It is one of the easiest ways to turn any outfit into fashionable wear. The last significant use of the cape was during the 60s, and this year it has made a fond comeback. Capes are styled to be both long or short, and have a soft, sleek, and warm appearance. The main colors for this season include creams, black, and vibrant reds and maroons. The benefit of the cape this season is that it also goes very well with dark leggings or even a fashionable dress.

Decorative Boots

Last, to go with your power dressing suit or your winter cape, there are boots. This season, boots are more vibrant and decorative than ever. Gone are the boring black or brown styles. You’ll find that boots are adorned with laces, color, sequins, and more. The purpose of this trend is to brings more color and splash to your outfit, making it highly attractive and interesting.

Overall, the fashion trends this season are extremely exciting and vibrant, which is a very stark difference from the bland styles of last season.

There is no question that online shopping has completely revolutionized the way fashion retailers are selling their products and enabling more people to be able to shop. With an increase of online shops like Amazon and Etsy, two online shops that have become the go-to place for many online shoppers women are more likely to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping. Especially moms, and the web has become the perfect place for retailers to sell women’s apparel and be extremely successful.


Why Shop Online?

While you can try on clothes at a brick-and-mortar store before making your purchase you will not have the same endless selection that many online retailers do. Moms will benefit from the one-stop shops available online the most because it means no longer having to lug the kids around with you and it can be done at any time of the day unlike physical stores which are open only a certain amount of time each day.

The Benefits of Using Online Retailers

Many online retailers don’t have to markup the price of their items in order to cover overhead costs like electricity and rent so that means you will be getting better deals on your apparel and with multiple warehouses all around the country retailers can ship products faster than ever with many offering free shipping options as well as overnight delivery options. Another great benefit to shopping online is the convenience you have as a consumer. You can find the product you’re looking for without having to search through countless other items and can make your purchase within minutes without having to wait in a long line. You can shop at home after the kids have gone to sleep or even make a purchase from your smartphone when you’re out running errands.

The Disadvantages of Online Shops

Like all things there are some disadvantages to shopping online. If you are the type that views shopping as a social activity then visiting a web shop may not be the best choice for you. Unlike shopping in stores you cannot try on your choices before making a decision or receive your clothes right when you purchase them.

While physical stores will always continue to be in demand both for the in-store experience and the ability to have your purchase right when you purchased it one-stop web shops are becoming the preferred choice for those shopping for women’s apparel.

Shopping For Jeans? Guess Is The Best Guess

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Guess Jeans is an upscale American clothing company that manufactures denim jeans, watches, jewelry and perfume. The brand is well-known for the quality of their clothing and accessories, and a stylish look that is always in fashion. There are several Guess retail stores located across the country that sell all the brand’s private labels including their new G by Guess line designed for young adults, and their Guess Kids children’s line.

The History of Guess Jeans

Guess was once only know for manufacturing denim jeans, however today the brand manufactures and licenses all types of men’s and women’s apparel. In 1981, brothers Georges and Maurice Marciano opened a clothing store in Beverly Hills. The Marcianos were originally from Morocco and raised in Marseilles. In 1982 they were joined by additional brothers Paul and Armand who formerly owned a chain of retail clothing stores in France. The merchandise that was sold in the family-owned store included jeans designed by Georges that were named Guess Jeans since the word was easy for the brothers to pronounce. The innovative jeans fit tightly and had zippers at the ankles. They were also stone-washed for a softer feel and lighter color. Georges went to New York in December of 1981 and convinced Bloomingdale’s to display 30 pairs of his designer Guess Jeans for $60 a pair. Within 3 hours every pair was sold.

The Innovative Changes of Guess Jeans

Today Guess Jeans is a billion-dollar retailer and one of the most recognized brands in the world. The brand is known for quality merchandise and marketing creativity. Guess sells more than just jeans these days with clothing and accessories for the entire family available at their 232 retail stores located all over the world. Their wholesale business represents more than 846 establishments in the United States alone. In the mid-2000’s, the company branched out and opened several boutiques which specialized in selling accessories such as handbags and hats. Additional stores were also opened in Los Angeles and Toronto that sold sexy and sophisticated attire while Canadians were introduced to a new side of Guess for the older crowd with fancy denim jeans and higher end clothing.

The brand has gone through several changes over the years, including a court battle with competitor brand Jordache. However, despite all the legal distractions they endured in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the sales for Guess Jeans continued to increase over the years reaching up to $350 million in 1997. Today the brand is still known for their high quality designer jeans as well as stylish attire for men, women and children.

A Look at the Latest Makeup Trends

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With every changing season there are a plethora of new makeup trends to be on the look for. From a revamp of the traditional cat eye to contouring techniques that work overtime. Beauty and fashion is all about the next best thing or improving upon techniques and styles that already exist. So, no matter what your makeup style is you can be sure to stumble upon a makeup trend that would be the perfect addition to your repertoire of makeup techniques. Here are a few of the latest trends to get you started.

Give Your Face an Overhaul With Contouring


Contouring is the perfect makeup option to subtly change and improve the appearance of your face. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made this technique extremely popular. It can instantly lift your face, slim your nose, enhance your cheekbones and even make your lips appear plumper. It is the perfect solution for those looking to have the effect of a face-lift without the surgery involved. When done right you can brighten your complexion and can make your skin look like it was airbrushed.

Capture Everyone’s Attention With Lush Lashes

Nothing says fall more than a set of flirty eyes and now more than ever women are adding false eyelashes to their beauty routine. When framing the eyes on the top and bottom false eyelashes can make eyes appear bigger. Also, giving your face a youthful, innocent look. If false lashes aren’t your thing you can easily fake the look by applying multiple coats of mascara. You can build up each coat by using powder between each coat.

New Takes on an Old Staple: The Cat Eye

Everyone at one point in their beauty routine has tried their hand at a cat eye. You can find many Youtube videos and tutorials dedicated to all the different looks you can achieve with a cat eye. It is one of the most popular makeup looks around and each look can range from a dramatic, winged cat eye to a quick, simple cat eye. The trick is to make sure you hold your liner at the perfect angle and get your lines as smooth and straight as possible.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start checking out and implementing the latest makeup trends. And with the change in season their has been a shift in the color palettes that are being used. From shimmery, pastel colors during summer to warm, neutral colors in the fall. With all the options available you will have no trouble finding tons of looks to try and trends to follow.


Generic and common fashion is great because it is attainable, affordable, and simple to choose from. On the other hand, sometimes you want something special and more unique. Unfortunately, unique can also mean more costly. Shopping at a women’s clothing boutique is something women often bypass because it does a decent job at breaking the bank. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. There are actually some ways that you can shop at boutiques without having to suffer through the high price tags. With the tips below, you can shop at boutiques and get the unique and stylish clothing that you deserve.

Buy on Sale Days


There are times that you should buy at a boutique and there are times that you should just decide to stay away to protect your wallet. The best time to buy at a boutique is when there are sales. Boutiques don’t usually advertise their sales online, but they do post signs on their windows. Therefore, throughout the week, you might want to drive by, you might want to take a peek at their window and see when they’re holding a big sale. An alternative approach to finding out a sale day is to ask the sales clerk. Typically, sales are held at the end of the month or at the end of the season.

Non-High End Boutiques

Another option is to visit boutiques that are not fully high-end. Mid-level boutiques are still boutiques and they offer their patrons some great products. Keep in mind also that the more boutiques in the area, the more competition there is between the boutiques. Therefore, the stores are more likely to keep their prices low and competitive so that customers will choose their stores.

Buy Online

Finally, you could also choose to buy online. Buying at an online boutique usually means that you will save more money. Boutiques are able to keep their prices lower when they sell online because they don’t need to rent space or hire sales staff in order to run their stores. Therefore, if you find a boutique online, you can usually expect their prices to be lower and friendlier for your wallet. You’ll also find that online boutiques are able to sell their products online at sales prices at the end of the season or at the end of the month. To find these sales, simply check up on the online boutique throughout the month.